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** Is XSLT worth it? [closed] **

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A while ago, I started on a project where I designed a html-esque XML
schema so that authors could write their content (educational course
material) in a simplified format which would then be transformed into HTML
via XSLT. I played around (struggled) with it for a while and got it to a
very basic level but then was too annoyed by the limitations I was
encountering (which may well have been limitations of my knowledge) and
when I read a blog suggesting to ditch XSLT and just write your own
XML-to-whatever parser in your language of choice, I eagerly jumped onto
that and it's worked out brilliantly.

I'm still working on it to this day (/I'm actually supposed to be working
on it right now, instead of playing on SO/), and I am seeing more and more
things which make me think that the decision to ditch XSLT was a good one.

I know that XSLT has its place, in that it

Source: stackoverflow.com/questions/78716/is-xslt-worth-it

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