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Source: www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/nonstress-test/home/ovc-20188875

why nst test in pregnancy

Nonstress test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Nonstress test **

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Nonstress test
ICD-9-CM 75.34
[edit on Wikidata]

A *nonstress test (NST)* is a screening test used in pregnancy. A
cardiotocograph is used to monitor the fetal heart rate.^[1]


· 1 Premise
· 2 Interpretation
· 3 See also
· 4 References


The premise of the NST is that a well-oxygenated, non-acidemic fetus will
spontaneously have temporary increases in the fetal heart rate (FHR).^[2]

Vibroacoustic stimulation can wake the fetus, and is sometimes used to
speed up the test or to facilitate further evaluation of a nonreactive
nonstress test.^[3]


Classified as normal/atypical/abnormal: "Normal" - baseline heart rate
between 110-160 with moderate variability (5-25 interbeat variability) and
2 qualifying accelerations in 20 minutes with no decelerations.

Previous terminology: Reactive/non-reactive: **Reactive* (normal) -
presence of two or more fetal heart rate accelerations within a 20-minute
period, with or without fetal movement discernible by the woman.^[4]
Accelerations are defined as 15 bpm above baselines for at least 15 seconds
if beyond 32 weeks gestation, or 10 bpm for at least 10 seconds if at or
below 32 weeks.^[5]

· *Nonreactive* - presence of less than two fetal heart rate accelerations
within a 20-minute period over a 40-minute testing period.^[4]

*See also[edit]*

· Biophysical profile
· Cardiotocography
· Contraction stress test


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stimulation with acid-base determinations". /Am J Obstet Gynecol/. *155*:
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Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonstress_test

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