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** Why Lutherans? Why Now? **

Recently, I read an article by a Lutheran pastor from another Lutheran
church body about the decline in membership in his synod. During the last
ten years, the decline has been about 11.2%, based on his statistics. In
checking our /Synod Report/, I found out that the decline in our own
synod’s membership over the same period is exactly the same: 11.2%.
The pastor writing the article noted that a major reason for the decline is
the loss of young people to the church and adult members leaving to attend
other churches. He estimated that the church loses 75% of its young people
from the time they are baptized until they reach age 21. I imagine that
statistic would be the same in our synod, too. 

When people discuss the decline in membership in churches they give many
different reasons, but the pastor who wrote the article mentioned above is
more insightful than many people.  He believes a main

Source: www.evangelicallutheransynod.org/Lutheran-Sentinel/3873/

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