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** Top 10+ Reasons IU is Better Than Purdue **

Posted on October 2, 2010 by captainyamerica

Purdue is a place born out of a failed professorship, hog by-products, and
a discernible lack of Vitamin D. If you are looking to be underwhelmed,
then Purdue is the place for you, from its concrete quads to its consistent
underachievement in athletics and academics.

West Lafayette, Indiana is akin to a post-apocalyptic hinterland – not
unlike Los Angeles after Skynet – constantly covered in a shroud of gray.
Beneath the low-hanging clouds, you will find befuddled and unkempt
corn-fed engineering and ag students breathing through their mouths as they
trudge around campus in piss-yellow sweatshirts and ill-fitting sweatpants
covering skid-marked tidy whities. And the men aren’t exactly the picks
of the litter either. This is, after all, the school that has produced
Brian Cardinal, Kyle Orton, and Carson Cunningham. If you listen closely,
you can hear masked screams of ugly-students-past under the constant and
bitter wind that wafts the effluence from nearby pig farms and sewage
treatment facilities throughout Purdue’s campus.

With that introduction, here are the top ten reasons IU is better than

10 (tie). While IU touts the fact that the structure for DNA was discovered
on its campus, Purdue is proud of the fact that they financed and helped
modify the plane that carried Amelia Earhart – who was a whore, mind you
– to her death.

10 (tie). Purdue clings to the incorrect notion that it


why iu is better than purdue

Indiana–Purdue rivalry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Indiana–Purdue rivalry **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Logo of Indiana University Logo of Purdue University
School Indiana University Purdue University
Established 1820 1869
Location Bloomington, IN West Lafayette, IN
Conference Big Ten Big Ten
Students 42,731 39,726
School Colors Cream & Crimson Old Gold & Black
Nickname Hoosiers Boilermakers
Varsity Teams 24 20
Crimson & Gold Cup Wins *7* 3
Total Championships *24* 3

The *Indiana–Purdue rivalry* is an athletic rivalry between the
Indiana University Hoosiers and Purdue University Boilermakers, the two
flagship universities in the state of Indiana. It is regarded as one of the
most intense collegiate rivalries in the United States, and one of the
strongest and most followed collegiate rivalries in the Big Ten Conference.
Among all of college sports rivalries, /Newsweek/ listed it among the top
12 and /Huffington Post/ listed it as the fifth best rivalry

The intensity of the rivalry is augmented by the deep passion within
Indiana for basketball (see Hoosier Hysteria). Both universities have very
large student bodies; Purdue is an engineering research university located
in the northern portion of the state while Indiana University is a liberal
arts research university located in the southern portion of the state. The
academic and geographic divergence of the two institutions polarizes the
state of Indiana into two large fan bases.

Both universities have been members of the Big Ten Conference for over 100
years, ensuring yearly competition across all sports and adding conference
standing implications to the rivalry.


· 1 Men's basketball

· 1.1 Notable games and incidents

· 1.1.1 Disputed 1901 game
· 1.1.2 1979: NIT Championship
· 1.1.3 1980: NCAA Sweet 16
· 1.1


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