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** The Top Ten Reasons iTunes Sucks **

By Scott Gilbertson

itunes sucks

itunes sucksITunes sucks. There, we said it. Apple’s once very handy
jukebox and music library manager has morphed into an unusable piece of
crap that’s not even an app anymore, it’s just a kiosk for the iTunes

We’ve got nothing against most Apple products. We like OS X, so much in
fact that we hacked it onto an EeePC, where it works smashingly well or at
least well enough until Apple joins the netbook market.

But when it comes to music players, Apple’s is one of the worst. Here are
the top ten things that suck about iTunes:

· *It’s a store, stupid* Almost all the other items on this list are a
result of this single fact: iTunes is not an application in the traditional
sense, it’s a storefront for Apple to sell music, movies and more.
That’s all well and good. We’ve nothing against the store exactly,
except when it gets in the way of other features. Unfortunately, it
increasingly seems to be doing just that


why itunes sucks

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