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posted by Nicoletta Landi

study: the Landi family*

*When Nicoletta started keeping track of her energy use, she couldn't work
out what was pulling so much power. Armed with a smart meter, she set out
to find the culprit*

24 Nov 11

The Landi family

*After two months of monitoring with my smart meter, we have found out that
our sneaky desktop computer was responsible for a quarter of our total
daily emissions just by staying in stand-by all day!*

Without a meter, I would have never found out, especially since my husband
had always sworn that his beloved computer was consuming only a tiny bit
when on stand-by.

Reading the meter day and night is a pain, and there is always some little
extra which scrambles the figures: a guest at home, a sudden need of
washing machines, a full day out, etc. However, in the last months I could
see that our daily consumption was usually between 11-12 kilowatt hours

The Landis' smart meter

The Landis' smart meter

After checking all the usual suspects – oven, washing machine,
dishwasher, iron, kettle, DVD player and toaster – I started to feel that
something was not adding up.

How could we have already used 2.5kWh at 7.30am? Multiplied by three that
was a good 7.5KWH consumed through the


why is my internet so slow

Internet Speed Problems: Why Is My Internet So Slow?


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** Reasons Why Highspeed Internet Can Become Sluggish **

By Paul Gil, Guide

*Question: *Reasons Why Highspeed Internet Can Become Sluggish
*Answer: **Slow internet connections happen for various reasons, even when
you pay for a 'highspeed connection' like DSL or cable.* Because the
internet (and World Wide Web) is built on hundreds of different
technologies trying to talk to each other, there are many places where data
can slow down before its reaches your computer screen. Your ISP might be at
fault, certainly, but there are many other factors to look at before
assigning blame. Some of these slow points are within your control, and can
be quickly fixed with a little do-it-yourself effort.

*Common reasons why highspeed internet connections perform more slowly than

1. You might have poor hardware connecting your machine to the wall.
2. Maybe your modem-router is not configured correctly.
3. Perhaps you have dishonest people leeching your wireless connection from
across the alley.
4. Your network interface card (NIC) is older and slower hardware.
5. You might have spyware/malware infecting your machine, and secretly
using your Internet bandwidth.
6. A download may be occuring in the background, and you are unaware of it
as it leeches your bandwidth.
7. Your ISP (internet service provider) may be having issues with routing
signals to you.
8. DNS (domain name system) tables might be outdated, so signals are
getting sent to the wrong addresses on your ISP network.
9. Your browser memory cache is so full, your browser


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