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** Unsettled Christianity **

/One blog to rule them all, One blog to find them, One blog to bring them
all and in the darkness bind them./
/July 28th, 2008 by Joel L. Watts/

*15 Reasons why Homosexuality is wrong and Hurts Society*

/Warning… you are reading an older post. Check the comments where I state
repeatedly that this is no longer my view. /

Homosexuality, even from a non-Christian worldview, is a harmful visitation
on society, destructive, and sick:


*/1./*/ *Homosexuality injures the fabric of society, especially

A societal acceptance of same sex relationships gives vulnerable children
the impression that same sex relationships are good, moral and healthy.
Not only does the Bible condemn such behavior, but medical professionals
have affirmed that these kinds of sexual relationships are unhealthy. A
society that accepts immoral relationships cause children to stumble into
immorality. Jesus Christ said that “if anyone causes one of these little
one’s to stumble, (sin) it would be better if he put a mill stone around
his neck and throw himself into the sea.” Matthew 18:6 Acceptance of
these unnatural acts sets a society up for gender and sexual confusion,
which brings about widespread immorality, which tears the family down



*/2./*/ *Homosexuality is anti procreation.*/

Logically speaking, if everyone’s sexuality was expressed heterosexually,
then humanity will survive and perpetuate our own kind for generations to
come. But simply put, if everyone’s sexuality was expressed homosexually,
we would

Source: unsettledchristianity.com/2008/07/15-reasons-why-homosexuality-is-wrong-and-hurts-society/

why homosexuality is wrong

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