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Mission statement: On this blog we explore why homeschooling can be a
better option for children and families than a traditional classroom
setting. We'll also explore homeschooling issues in general, educational
thoughts, family issues, and some other random stuff.

*Monday, July 08, 2013*

- Where we are after 14 years of homeschooling -

Our oldest daughter has completed her first year of community college as a
full time student.  She began attending community college part time the
second half of her junior year in Cate Academy  under the concurrent
enrollment option (which is free).  

Daughter #1 hasn’t really settled on a major yet.  She began as an
Interior Design major, but branched out into a wide variety of classes,
including criminal law.  We jokingly say that she is going to be the
“fashion police.” 

One of our biggest surprises is that our math challenged daughter has
gotten A’s in college math classes (Intermediate Algebra and Geometry)
and is planning on taking more math classes. This is the kid who in the 4th
grade couldn’t get 100 simple addition problems right to save her life. 
She took two years to complete the Saxon Algebra I book and two years to
complete the Saxon Algebra II book.  We are pleased to see that slow and
steady actually does win the race.

Our second daughter has completed her junior year of  high school.  She
passed the CHSPE easily and got A's in the two classes she took at the
community college last semester.  This kid has already picked a major and
has planned out next year’s community college classes so that she will
have many of the core classes for her major completed even before she

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why homeschool

Why Homeschool - Why did you decide to homeschool?


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From the article: My Homeschool Fairy Tale
The decision to homeschool is a personal one and can be a difficult one.
Families choose to homeschool for many different reasons. What made you
decide to homeschool your children?

*Politically incorrect*

My son was put through the ringer, and he was only in the first
grade. The psychologist at his elementary school decided to have him put in
the category of ADHD without letting us know. We found out from his teacher
who said she sympathized with us and felt sorry that he was ADHD. We were
shocked! We started asking our son questions about his day and what he did
in school, his response was, oh, I sit in the ISS room and draw or play
with puzzles. He wasn't even learning anything. Out of his whole first
grade experience, he spent 7 months in ISS without us being notified. We
immediately withdrew him. He is now in the 5th grade and doing great. Each
year we get a letter in the mail from his former elementary school saying
which teacher he will have in the coming year. They still have him listed
as a student (even though we've contacted the school board) so they can use
him in the head count to attain more money.
* —Guest Guest fed up

*Not happy with the school system in our *


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