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*"Why Her?"*

/[Monica: ab-libbing]/

/[Verse 1:]/
My last tear just fell from my eyes
Told myself that I wasn't going to cry no more
(you did what you did, it is what it is) and that's why I walked out the
Moved on with my life, but not really
Spent too much time wondering how could you
(you do this to us while we we're in love) I guess I was thinking too much

I was thinking that the sex had you locked
You never could get enough cause I kept it hot
I listen to you tell me your dreams
And your fears
I wiped your tears
I was there and this is why this is hurting me

Why her? Why her?
Did I get on your nerves?
Did I give you too much that you couldn't handle my love?
Why her? Why her?
Tell me what she was worth it, to make you put her first and deceive me.
You wanna come back but I gotta know (why her?)
I thought she was all that? Then why you at my door?
(Now look at you, look at us, what's all this for?
Hope you got the answers to my questions)
Why her?

/[Verse 2:]/
This going to be the last time we say goodbye
Ain't going to be no reruns of this episode
(you did what you did, it is what it is) Maybe if you would of told me
You weren't happy, you weren't satisfied
We could of worked it out
Maybe we could of tried
(but you didn't say nothing) All of


why her lyrics

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