PressTV - Why gun control is bad for America?
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Thursday Apr 04, 201311:19 AM GMT

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Why gun control is bad for America?
Wed Apr 3, 2013 6:7PM
Dr. James H. Fetzer
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There are good reasons to believe Sandy Hook was a staged event and did not
take place as federal, state and local officials have claimed. Had 20
children been shot in their classroom, then swarms of EMTs and ambulances
would have been expected on the scene to rush them to hospitals for
qualified physicians to determine whether they were dead or alive and
treated them. They were instead left in place in the building and removed
in darkness and complete secrecy."

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There is widespread belief that, when most Americans are strongly
supportive of new gun control legislation because of the atrocities at
Sandy Hook, yet still appears unlikely to pass in Congress, we have a
failure of the democratic process.

But there are multiple reasons why new gun control will not become the law
of the land but also why the country is far better off without and should
not have more gun control.

First, there are the traditional Constitutional questions that revolved
around the 2nd amendment. While some experts maintain that it was added
because of the need for a citizen militia that could

Source: www.presstv.com/detail/2013/04/03/296377/why-gun-control-is-bad-for-america/

why gun control is bad

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