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** Why Fox News Is Total Garbage **

May 6, 2013 By Allen Clifton 118 Comments
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foxnewsrepublicanfoxnewsrepublicanI can’t begin to truly convey my
disdain for Fox News.  Not just because I disagree with nearly everything
they support, but because the channel is pure trash.

To actually call it “news” is laughable, and their tagline “Fair and
Balanced” is an even bigger joke.

Now I’m not saying other stations don’t have bias, MSNBC is obviously
geared more towards liberals.  But there’s a massive difference between
what Fox News does and what MSNBC does.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really watch mainstream news.  I tend to use
the internet to research what’s going on rather than have some pundit who
relies on ratings telling me what’s supposedly happening.  The only
channel I do watch regularly is Fox News, and that’s because I’ve
developed a great trick for finding out truth in news.  What I do is take
whatever Fox News is currently pushing, research it myself, and in that
research I find the truth—which is rarely what I heard from their

But the main difference between MSNBC and Fox News isn’t their
bias—like I said, they’re both biased.  The difference is where MSNBC
panders news towards liberals, Fox News will simply make stuff up to create
a story.  Not that MSNBC hasn’t


why fox news is bad

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