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- 3 Reasons why fast food is bad for you -

Eating too much fast food is considered to be a leading cause of obesity,
hypertension, and heart disease.

fast food is bad
Fast food restaurants are popular because they serve tasty convenient
foods for a reasonable price. Many people visit these restaurants
frequently to eat their main meals. They don't realize that these type of
food items are bad for health.

Here are some reasons why fast food is bad for your health.

- Fast food contain more calories.-

Majority of junk foods are loaded with calories. Large portion size and
high fat content are the main reasons for the high energy content.

An average person need to consume about 400-600 calories in a mealtime. (If
he takes 3 main meals and 2 snacks.) The calorie content of many items are
far more than that level.

For example; KFC chicken pot pie have 790 calories. If you eat that and
drink 300ml of Pepsi, which contain 170 calories, you will have a total of
960 calories.

A McDonald's Big Xtra Hamburger with cheese have 810 calories. A Burger
King's Club Chicken Sandwich is loaded with700 calories.

Think that if you eat 220 more calories a day, you will gain one pound of
extra fat in your body in two weeks time. That means, 24 pounds in one
year. That is a lot of weight gain. So, don't visit those restaurants more
than once a week.

- Fast food contain more unhealthy fat.-

Most of the convenient foods contain high levels of saturated fat. This

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why fast food is bad

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