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*Wonders of Life starts tonight in USA!*

July 10, 2013 – 1:13 pm

by Matthew Cobb

The BBC 5-part series ‘Wonders of Life’ starts tonight at 9:00 pm on
Discovery Science. Full schedules here. There’s also a rather lovely book
that accompanies the series.

The programme is presented by my University of Manchester colleague
Professor Brian Cox, and aired in the UK at the beginning of the year.
Brian is a particle physicist, so his take on the natural world is
refreshingly different. I was one of the scientific advisors on the series
(along with Nick Lane from UCL) and can therefore be held responsible for
at least some of the mistakes. During the two years of planning and
filming, Brian said that he really understood the importance of Darwinism,
and I hope you’ll see that it runs through every episode.

As I wrote here at the beginning of the year:


The series consists of five episodes, will begin broadcasting on BBC2 on 29
January, and continues two earlier and highly successful series,/Wonders of
the Solar System/ and /Wonders of the Universe/. As Cox is a particle
physicist, he is especially interested in the physical underpinnings of
life and evolution, and the physical constraints within which evolution

The series has its usual beautiful USP – Brian wandering around the world
pointing at things. Seriously, the series is stunning and very different
from traditional BBC natural history programmes.


Please let us know what you thought of it!

And as they are pretty funny, here *again* are a) a trailer for the series
complete with new version of the Eric Idle Universe song, and b) a couple
of spoof of Brian’s style on his previous programmes

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