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An aspect of fiscal policy
Government revenue
Tax revenue* Â·* Non-tax revenue
Tax law* Â·* Tax bracket* Â·* Tax threshold
Exemption* Â·* Credit* Â·* Deduction
Tax shift* Â·* Tax cut* Â·* Tax holiday
Tax advantage* Â·* Tax incentive
Tax reform* Â·* Tax harmonization
Tax competition* Â·* *Double taxation*
Representation* Â·* Unions
Medical savings account
Tax, tariff and trade
Price effect* Â·* Excess burden
Tax incidence
Laffer curve* Â·* Optimal tax
Optimal capital income taxation
Revenue service* Â·* Revenue stamp
Tax assessment* Â·* Taxable income
Tax lien* Â·* Tax refund* Â·* Tax shield
Tax residence* Â·* Tax preparation
Tax investigation* Â·* Tax shelter
Private tax collection* Â·* Tax farming
Tax avoidance* Â·* Tax evasion
Tax resistance* Â·* Tax haven
Smuggling* Â·* Black market* Â·* Transfer mispricing
Unreported employment* Â·* Tax shelter
Tax rate
Progressive* Â·* Regressive
Direct* Â·* Indirect* Â·* Per unit* Â·* Ad valorem* Â·* In rem
Capital gains* Â·* Carbon * Â·* Consumption
Dividend* Â·* Ecotax* Â·* Excise
Georgist* Â·* Gift* Â·* Gross receipts* Â·* Income
Inheritance (estate)* Â·* Land value
Payroll* Â·* Pigovian* Â·* Property* Â·* Sales
Sin* Â·* Single* Â·* Stamp* Â·* Steering
Turnover* Â·* Value-added (VAT)
Corporate profit* Â·* Excess profits
Windfall profits* Â·* Negative (income)* Â·* Flat
Financial transaction tax
Currency transaction tax
Tobin tax* Â·* Spahn tax
Tax equalization* Â·* Tax treaty
European Union FTT
Custom* Â·* Duty
Tariff (Import* Â·* Export)* Â·* Tariff war
Free trade* Â·* Free trade zone


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