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why buy an ipad

Should You Buy an iPad Mini?


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** Should You Buy an iPad Mini? **

*Is Apple's New 7-Inch Tablet Worth It?*

By Daniel Nations, About.com Guide

"iPad Mini"

Photo © Apple, Inc.

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The iPad Mini debuted on October 23rd, and other than the smaller size, it
contains most of the same features as the full-sized iPad. But is it worth
it? Or will it turn out to be an awkward device that is too expensive for
those interested in a $200 tablet and too small for those willing to pay

*The iPad Mini is an iPad... only smaller.*

The number one reason why an iPad Mini can be a smart purchase is very
simple: it is a less-expensive iPad. The iPad Mini's bigger brother has a
Retina Display and a faster processor, but that doesn't diminish the Mini's
ability to conjure up a full-featured iPad experience.

The iPad Mini will run all of the same apps as the full-sized iPad,
including streaming movies from Netflix and Crackle, helping out at school
and work with Pages and Numbers, and playing games like Infinity Blade 2
and Temple Run.

It will also have access to iOS 6, including the best features of iCloud,
Facebook and Twitter integration. It will even support Siri.

While the iPad Mini has a higher price tag than 7-inch tablets like the
Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7, the iPad Mini's 7.9-inch display
packs quite a punch in that extra .9 inch. The extra length

Source: ipad.about.com/od/Tablet_Computers_eReaders/a/Should-You-Buy-An-iPad-Mini.htm

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