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Whether you're thinking about becoming a nurse, or you're a nurse looking
to advance your career, here's where you'll find the steps to get started.

· Why be a Nurse?
· Starting Out
· Moving Up
· Info for Foreign Educated Nurses

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There's a shortage of nurses, and by 2025, the US will need an estimated
260,000 more. Find out more about the shortage, why it exists, and how you
can help.

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· Get Involved

As a nurse, you help address the nursing shortage every day you go to work.
When you attend events and get involved with the Campaign for Nursing's
Future, you can help even more.

· Promise of Nursing Events
· Become an Advocate
· Portrait of Thanks Mosaic
· Happy Nurse Game

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· Find Your School

Narrow down nursing schools by the program you need.

· Schools with no waiting list
· Schools that offer refresher courses
· Nursing School Accreditation
· 7 Surprising Things You'll Learn About Nursing

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