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*Why choose AA Breakdown Cover?*

You're in safe hands. As the UK's largest breakdown organisation, we fix
more cars by the roadside than anyone else. And AA's Roadside Assistance
was awarded 5 stars by 'Which?' magazine.

· Expert patrols fix 4 out of every 5 cars at the roadside
· Repairs completed in

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*AAA*, or *Triple-A*, may refer to a three-letter acronym or may refer to a
rank on an alphabetical grading scale denoting superlative status (i.e.,
"two ranks higher than 'A'").

As a proper noun, *Aaa* is found only in the species name /Cavaticovelia
aaa/ (aaa water treader), an insect from Hawaii.

As an acronym or abbreviation, the term *AAA* may refer to:


· 1 Arts

· 1.1 Architecture
· 1.2 Literature
· 1.3 Music
· 1.4 Theatre
· 1.5 Games

· 2 Broadcasting
· 3 Sports
· 4 Economical, political, and social

· 4.1 Economical
· 4.2 Political
· 4.3 Social

· 5 Organizations
· 6 Places
· 7 Science and technology

· 7.1 Astronomy
· 7.2 Aviation
· 7.3 Chemistry
· 7.4 Computing
· 7.5 Mathematics
· 7.6 Medicine
· 7.7 Military
· 7.8 Social science
· 7.9 Technology
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· 8 See also


· Allied Artists Association, an exhibiting society in London founded in
· American Abstract Artists, an artist-run organization formed in 1936 to
promote and foster public understanding of abstract art
· Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution archive in Washington,
· Asia Art Archive, a nonprofit organisation documenting the recent
history of contemporary art in Asia
· Associated American Artists, an art gallery and art marketing business


· Alberta Association of Architects, a regulatory body


· A. A. Attanasio, Science fiction writer.
· /AAA/, a Japanese manga by Haruka Fukushima


· AAA (band), a Japanese pop band
· "AAA", the

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AAA

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