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The *selection process* for college basketball's NCAA Division I Men's and
Women's Basketball Championships determines which teams (68 men's, 64
women's) will enter the tournaments (the centerpieces of the basketball
championship frenzy known as "March Madness") and their seedings and
matchups in the knockout bracket. Thirty-two teams gain automatic entry
through winning their conference's championship. The remaining teams (36
men's, 32 women's) rely on the selection committee to award them an
at-large bid in the tournament. The selection process primarily takes place
on *Selection Sunday* and the days leading up to it. Selection Sunday is
also when the brackets and seeds are released to the public. The women's
championship brackets and seeds are announced one day later, on Selection


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*The selection committee[edit]*

The ten-member basketball selection committee is made up of athletic
directors and conference commissioners throughout Division I men's and
women's basketball. (There are separate committees for the Division I men's
and women's tournaments.) The committee, whose members serve five-year
terms, is chosen to ensure that conferences from around the country are
represented. Generally the men's selection committee consists of all men,
and the women's selection committee consists of all women, although there
have been exceptions, including Lynn Hickey (see below), who is the second
woman to sit on the men's committee (after Charlotte athletic director Judy


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