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*wear it pink*23 October 2015

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23 October 2015

23 October.


Thank you for *wearing it pink* to support breast cancer research! Click
here to pay in your fundraising.

Thank you for *wearing it pink* to support breast cancer research. Click
here to pay in your fundraising.

-We’re very proud to say that, on October 23, hundreds of thousands of
people across the country – in school, at work, and at home –
stood together against breast cancer.-

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when is pink out day 2013

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** International Day of Pink **

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For Pink Shirt Day, see Anti-Bullying Day.

International Day of Pink
Formation 2007
Legal status active
Purpose Anti-Bullying
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario
Location · Canada

Website www.DayofPink.org

*The International Day of Pink* is a Canadian anti-bullying event held
annually on the second Wednesday of April. The event started when students
David Shepherd and Travis Price saw another student, who was wearing a pink
shirt, being bullied in their Central Kings Rural High School in Nova
Scotia, and deciding to show support for the student by getting everyone at
their school to wear pink the following day.^[1]

The initiative inspired youth at Jer's Vision who founded The International
Day of Pink, an effort to support their peers internationally with
resources and ways to make their schools safer.^[2]^[3]^[4]^[5]

In 2012 over 8 million people participated.^[6]^[7]


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· 2 Events
· 3 See also
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· 5 External links


The International Day of Pink is run by youth volunteers from Jer's Vision,
in Ottawa, Canada. The initiative seeks to support the work of students,
educators, community and business in their efforts to stop bullying,
discrimination, homophobia and transphobia.^[8]


In 2012, students participating the Day of Pink organized numerous flash
mobs, including one on Parliament Hill.^[9] The International Day of Pink
also shares a Gala with JersVision.org and the event has featured comedian
Rick Mercer,^[10]Brian Burke of the Toronto Maple Leafs,^[11] and former
Canadian Ambassador Stephen Lewis.^[5]

*See also[edit]*

· Jer's Vision
· School Bullying
· International STAND UP to Bullying Day


1. *^* "Bullied student tickled pink by

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Day_of_Pink

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