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In Jersey, the Lieutenant Governor hosts a reception for the public at
Government House to mark the Queen's Official Birthday, at which he
announces the names of recipients of Birthday Honours.

The *Queen's Official Birthday*, or *King's Official Birthday* in the reign
of a male monarch, is the selected day on which the birthday of the monarch
of the Commonwealth realms (currently Queen Elizabeth II) is officially
celebrated in those countries.

The sovereign's birthday was first officially marked in the United Kingdom
in 1748. Since then, the date of the king or queen's birthday has been
determined throughout the British Empire and later the Commonwealth
according to either different royal proclamations issued by the sovereign
or governor or by statute laws passed by the local parliament. The date of
the celebration today varies as adopted by each country and is generally
set around the end of May to start of June, to coincide with a high
probability of fine weather in the Northern Hemisphere for outdoor
ceremonies, rather than with the monarch's actual birthday, that of the
present monarch being 21 April.^[1] In some cases, it is an official public
holiday, sometimes aligning with the celebration of other events. Most
Commonwealth realms release a Queen's Birthday Honours list at this time.


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Except in the state of Western Australia, Australia observes the Queen's
Birthday on the second Monday in June. Because Western Australia celebrates
Western Australia Day (formerly known as Foundation

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