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** Fri, 07 Jun 2013 New iPad 5 release date, rumours and leaked images **

*When is the new iPad 5 coming out?*

Malcolm Wilde

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iPad 5 Release Date

Welcome to our new iPad 5 release date, rumours and leaked images article.
Here we plan to do everything that the title suggests. We'll be bringing
you everything we know about the new iPad 5 release date so you can know
exactly when the new iPad 5 is coming out. Also we are going to bring you a
few of the juiciest spec rumours that are flying round the web's most
trusted tech websites too. Finally we have some ideas of how the iPad 5
will look, and we'll include any leaked iPad 5 images in this article. So
sit back and relax we've got the new iPad 5 covered. /Updated 7 June 2013/

While many people are focusing on the next generation of iPhone or iPad
mini, the iPad 5 release date itself is perhaps more important. The iPad 5
is expected to be Apple's best-selling iPad, and there are lots of rumours
already about what the new iPad 5 will be like.

Apple itself has


when is ipad 5 coming out

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