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** Florida Hurricane Season - Overview for Travelers **

From Teresa Plowright, former About.com Guide

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Every year, families are tempted to seek beaches and bargains in Florida
(and Mexico and the Caribbean) during that long stretch of months from June
to November which is officially Hurricane Season.

The vast majority of these travelers enjoy good times untroubled by bad
weather; in fact, summer's a peak time for tourists to visit Florida.
Still, there are dozens of named hurricanes in the Atlantic region every
year, and each one disrupts weather in a wide radius. So it's good to know
some background...

*Does Florida Get a Lot of Hurricanes?*

· More storms hit Florida than any other US state. Looking at the years
from 1851 to 2004, for hurricanes of Category 3 and higher: Florida had 35
hurricanes; Texas, 19; Georgia, 3; Alabama, 6. (From the National Hurricane

· Typically, at least one named storm makes landfall in Florida every

· Some areas of Florida may be as risky as the Caribbean islands. The
chances of Miami being hit by a hurricane is "higher than anywhere in the
Caribbean" (--see article at About.com's Caribbean Travel website.)

· the period from August to October is the height of the hurricane season
in Florida. Remember, though, that Mother Nature isn't reading any

· For Floridians, hurricane preparedness is part of life. For example,
read the Hurricane Survival Guide at the Orlando Sentinel newspaper site.

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Source: travelwithkids.about.com/od/floridafamilyvacations/a/Florida-Hurricane-Season.htm

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