When is Election Day 2013, 2014, 2015?


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when is election day

Election Day (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Election Day (United States) **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Election Day
Type Day for the election of public officials in the United States
Date The Tuesday after the first Monday of November
2012 date November 6 /(Details)/
2013 date November 5 /(Details)/
2014 date November 4 /(Details)/
Celebrations Exercising civic duty, voting for elected officials, visiting
polling precincts
Related to Super Tuesday

*Election Day* in the United States is the day set by law for the general
elections of public officials. It occurs on the Tuesday after the first
Monday in November, which is usually also the first Tuesday in November.
The earliest possible date is November 2 and the latest possible date is
November 8. The recent election was held on November 6, 2012.

For federal offices (President, Vice President, and United States
Congress), Election Day occurs only in even-numbered years. Presidential
elections are held every four years, in years divisible by four, in which
electors for President and Vice President are chosen according to the
method determined by each state. Elections to the United States House of
Representatives and the United States Senate are held every two years; all
Representatives serve two-year terms and are up for election every two
years, while Senators serve six-year terms, staggered so that one-third of
Senators are elected in any given general election. General elections in
which presidential candidates are not on the ballot are referred to as
midterm elections. Terms for those elected begin in January the following
year; the President and Vice President are inaugurated ("sworn in") on
Inauguration Day, usually January 20.

Many state and local government offices are also elected on Election Day as
a matter of convenience and cost saving, although

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_Day_(United_States)

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