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  Tentative 2013 Legislative Schedule

*113th Congress, 1st Session*

The /tentative/ schedule for 2013 has been announced. The list below
identifies expected non-legislative periods (days that the Senate /will
not/ be in session). The schedule is also available in calendar format (pdf
image). The 2012 tentative schedule is still available.

Date Action Note
Jan 3 Convene 113th Congress
Jan 21 Inauguration Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Feb 18 - Feb 22 State Work Period Presidents' Day- Feb 18
Mar 25 - Apr 5 State Work Period  
Apr 29 - May 3 State Work Period  
May 27 - May 31 State Work Period Memorial Day- May 27
Jul 1 - Jul 5 State Work Period Independence Day- Jul 4
Aug 5 - Sep 6 State Work Period Labor Day- Sep 2
Oct 14 - Oct 18 State Work Period Columbus Day- Oct 14
Nov 11 Federal Holiday Veterans' Day
Target Adjournment Date TBD

Updated on Nov 30, 2012




Days-in-Session Calendar These calendars list the days the Senate met for
each session of Congress.

Visit the calendars & schedules VRD page to find out more about this topic.

House Calendars
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Senators Phone List
This list of Senators' suite and phone numbers in pdf format is updated
every couple of weeks at the

Source: www.senate.gov/pagelayout/legislative/one_item_and_teasers/2013_schedule.htm

when is congress in session

Joint session of the United States Congress - Wikipedia, the free


** Joint session of the United States Congress **

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This article *needs additional citations for verification*. Please help
improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced
material may be challenged and removed. /(November 2008)/

*United States Congress Joint Session*
Type Bicameral
Speaker of the House of Representatives as leader of Joint Sessions John
Boehner, (R)
Vice President as leader for Electoral College vote counting Joe Biden, (D)
Seats 535
Political groups      Republican Party
(288 members)
     Democratic Party
(244 members)
     Vacant or contested seats
(3 seats)
Meeting place
Obama Health Care Speech to Joint Session of Congress.jpg
House chamber of the U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C.
United States

*Joint sessions of the United States Congress* are the gatherings together
of both houses of the United States Congress (the House of Representatives
and Senate). Joint sessions are held on special occasions such as the State
of the Union Address and presidential inaugurations.

Meetings of Congress for presidential inaugurations are a special case
called /formal joint gatherings/, but may also be joint sessions if both
houses are in session at the time.

Joint sessions and meetings are traditionally presided over by the Speaker
of the House and take place at the House chamber. However, the Constitution
requires the Vice President (as President of the Senate) to preside over
the counting of electoral votes.


· 1 State of the Union
· 2 Counting electoral votes
· 3 Subjects of joint sessions and meetings

· 3.1 Foreign dignitaries
· 3.2 Presidential addresses
· 3.3 Military leaders
· 3.4 Astronauts
· 3.5 Memorials
· 3.6

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_session_of_the_United_States_Congress

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