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/Prevention News/

** Allergy Season 2013 Information **

*Allergies: Your 2013 Forecast*


What experts are anticipating

By Leah Zerbe from
allergies 2013

Sorry, allergy sufferers: Experts are confirming that the 2013 allergy
season is going to start sooner, and last longer, in most parts of the

The season is expected to occur about two weeks earlier in many parts of
the US, and will likely endure for about an extra month—right through
October. Why? Because of heavy precipitation levels this past winter, along
with the rapid surge of warmer weather that's followed, says allergy
specialist Clifford Massett, MD, clinical assistant professor of medicine
at the New York University School of Medicine and Langone Medical Center.

Health Concerns

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Allergies and Asthma

Prevent or even reverse hundreds of conditions with delicious food!

And then there's climate change: Higher-than-normal carbon dioxide
emissions are fueling pollen production, experts suspect, causing plants to
produce three to five times more pollen than usual. "Not only is


when is allergy season

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