how often do high school reunions happen?

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how often do high school reunions happen?


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** how often do high school reunions happen? **

is it every 10 years generally? do any places have them more/less often?

Asked by kp02 71 months ago

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Answer from lostmymarbles
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*Ours have always been every 5 years*

Our class reunions have always been spaced five years apart. My husband's
(he went to a different high school) also have been five years apart. But
know of some who have them closer together and some places are farther
apart. I think it is more or less based on what has been the routine for an
area.  I think that maybe class size has something to do with how often a
reunion is held. My husband and I both went to high schools that were small
(my class was the largest graduating class in the history of my high
school, we had 72 people graduate). But our son graduated from a school in
St. Louis that had about 400 people graduate. They only have reunions every
15 years.

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when are high school reunions

Class reunion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Class reunion **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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"School reunion" redirects here. For the Doctor Who episode, see School
Reunion (Doctor Who).
For other uses, see Class reunion (disambiguation).

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Class reunion invitation, Yale College, 1850

A *class reunion* is a meeting of former classmates, typically organized at
or near their former school by one of the class on or around an anniversary
of their graduation. Former teachers may be invited as well. They reminisce
about their school days and bring each other up to date on what has
happened to each of them since they went their separate ways.

Some class reunions also include a reunion class gift to the institution.

*Class reunions in film and literature[edit]*

In film and literature, especially comedy, crime novels, thrillers and
psychological suspense novels, class reunions have been a frequent device
used to show the eruption of emotions such as shame, hatred or guilt within
individual characters who, suddenly faced again with their own youth,
become aware of the fact that they have been unable to cope with their
past. In many cases, those who used to be bullied, humiliated or in any
other way mistreated by their teachers and/or classmates believe that now
their chance has come to take revenge on their former torturers. Often in
fiction, participants nostalgically reminisce about their old school days,
fondly remember their school pranks. Alumni are quite often concerned about
how their lives have turned out when compared with the


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