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** When Are Georgia Peaches in Season? **

Posted on January 18, 2012 by admin

Peaches. Sweet, juicy and flavorful.

For most people, peaches are a Summer pastime that invoke memories of
family picnics, sticky hands and ice cream on top of cobbler.

At Pearson Farm, we are constantly asked when Georgia Peaches are in
Season. The answer is simple: the Summer.

The majority of our peaches are harvested from mid-May until mid-August.
During the hot months in the Georgia heat, our farm is alive and well.

The early part of the season produces Clingstone Peaches; we then find that
Semi-Freestone peaches are ready to be harvested; finally, we collect
Freestone peaches. We make sure to only pick ripe peaches, those that are
left on the limb until just the right time. This ensures that you get a
tasty peach that is sure to suit any and all taste buds.

Our more than 200 workers take the time to harvest peaches by hand. We make
sure that every peach is ready to pack and ship directly to your door. We
take extra care to avoid bruising during the shipping process, as no one
likes damaged goods.

When you go searching for Georgia peaches, remember that there is a season
and that peaches picked during that season will produce the most flavor and
the best taste. Let us know how we can ship you some Georgia Peaches this

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Source: www.pearsonfarm.com/blog/when-are-georgia-peaches-in-season/

when are georgia peaches in season

When Are Georgia Peaches in Season? | eHow


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** When Are Georgia Peaches in Season? **

Jessica McFall

Jessica McFall began writing professionally in 2011. She has authored legal
briefs as a paralegal, specializing in insurance law and related
litigation. McFall earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from
Cleveland State University.

By Jessica McFall, eHow Contributor

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When Are Georgia Peaches in Season? thumbnail

A ripe Georgia peach has a sweet and tangy taste.

What we call Georgia peaches were originally cultivated in mainland China
and bought to the marshes of southern Florida by Franciscan monks. It was
not until decades after the Civil War that the state of Georgia earned the
moniker "The Peach State." There are 44 different varieties of peaches
grown in the state. Georgia peaches begin to ripen in May and early June
and are ready for picking in July.

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· When determining if a Georgia peach is ripe turn the peach over and
look for a

Source: www.ehow.com/info_8116819_georgia-peaches-season.html

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