Complete List Of Fruits By Season


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when are fruits in season

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables - Guide to In-Season Produce


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** Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables **

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By Molly Watson, Guide

"Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables"

Swiss Chard

Photo © Molly Watson
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· seasonal produce
· seasonal vegetables
· seasonal fruits

You'll find an alphabetical listing of seasonal fruits and vegetables and
their nation-wide harvest seasons below. Depending on your region, growing
seasons and crop availability will vary. In the warmest areas, seasons
start earlier and last longer (some items like greens, carrots, beets, and
radishes may be harvested year-round in the most temperate areas); in
colder areas harvest times start later and end sooner. You can also look up
produce by seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) or region.

Apples, late summer through fall (cold storage until spring)

Apricots, late spring through early summer

Artichokes, spring and again early fall

Arugula, available year-round but best in spring and fall

Asparagus, spring

Avocados, classically summer, but now harvested year-round

Basil, summer

Beets, year-round

Belgian Endive, available year-round but best in fall and winter

Blackberrries, summer

Blueberries, summer

Bok Choy, fall through spring

Boysenberries, early summer

Broccoli, year-round but best in fall and winter

Broccoli raab, fall through spring

Brussels sprouts, late fall and winter

Cabbage, best in late fall and winter but available year-round

Cantaloupes, late summer

Cardoons, winter and early spring

Carrots, year-round

Cauliflower, best in fall and winter but available year-round

Celeriac/celery root, fall and winter

Celery, best in fall and winter but available year-round

Cilantro, cool weather herb whose season varies from fall through


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