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** All About Figs **

*How to Buy, Store, and Use Figs*

By Molly Watson, Guide

The luxury of a luscious ripe fig is extraordinary. Make the most of fresh
figs with this guide to choosing, storing, and serving fresh figs.

-Fresh Figs-

""Photo © Molly Watson
A sweet, honeyed taste and a soft (some might say squishy) texture make
fresh figs worth seeking out. Unctuous fruit studded with discernible seeds
are a far cry from the dried figs most people know. Yet that yielding
texture makes them particularly sensitive to travel, since they split and
spoil quickly when not handled with kid gloves, a fact that makes locally
grown figs even more seductive.

Figs have two seasons. A quick, shorter season in early summer and a
second, main crop that starts in late summer and runs through fall. Figs
cannot withstand temperatures much below 20°F, and so are not available
from local sources in much of the Midwest and northeastern U.S.

-Fig Varieties-

"Adriatic Figs"Photo © Molly Watson
From Black Missions to Brown Turkeys - learn about different fig varieties
with this Guide to Fig Varieties.

-How to Buy Figs-

""Photo © Molly Watson
Figs are fragile. Rare is the fig shopper who finds perfect, unmarred fresh
figs. Lucky for the rest of us, slightly wrinkled (but still plump) and
even split figs (as long as they are not weeping or leaking), are what you
want. A bit of bend at the stem and a slight weariness to the skin both
indicate better ripeness and flavor


when are figs in season

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