Reproduction, The Heat Cycle, Signs of Heat


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Reproduction (The Heat Cycle)
Signs of Heat




/The first sign of a female (dam) coming "into season" is often swelling of
the vulva. This swelling can occur a week before bleeding, or the day
before. Other signs of heat are behavioral changes; your dam may start to
hump other dams, or pups or even your leg. She may also begin to lick
herself a lot./


If you own more than one dam, they will usually cycle together; one dam in
heat will bring other dams into heat. 

A female should NEVER be bred on her first heat (she has immature eggs) and
preferably not her second either. The rule of thumb that works best is to
breed on the third season, or at one and a half to two years of age, and
after all health tests have been passed.

Small vulva—dam not in heat


Small vulva—dam not in heat


A female dog in full standing heat swollen up.

A female dog


Canine reproduction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Canine reproduction **

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This article is about reproduction in domestic dogs. For reproduction in
other canids, see Canidae#Reproduction.

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*Canine reproduction* is the process of sexual reproduction in domestic


· 1 Canine sexual anatomy and development

· 1.1 General
· 1.2 Male
· 1.3 Female

· 2 The reproductive cycle

· 2.1 Female cycle

· 3 Copulation
· 4 Gestation and litters
· 5 Clinical issues
· 6 Dog breeding

· 6.1 Timing
· 6.2 Procedure
· 6.3 Breeding

· 7 Cross breeding
· 8 Spaying and neutering
· 9 See also
· 10 References
· 11 External links

*Canine sexual anatomy and development[edit]*

Main article: Dog anatomy

/See below^[/where?/] for a glossary of terms used in this


In domestic canines, sexual maturity (puberty) occurs between the ages of 6
to 12 months for both males and females, although this can be delayed until
up to two


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