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*Cuties California Clementinesoranges®*

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What are Cuties®?

No….they are not your young child, your relative or your beloved
pet…they are a part of the Sun Pacific family!
For more information on Cuties/Clementines please visit

-Cuties® are great because…-

· Seedless
· Excellent quality
· Easy to peel (zipper skin)
· Super Sweet
· Excellent source of Vitamin C

· Naturally fat, cholesterol, sodium and trans fat free. Check out our
nutrition label.
· Snack-sized and portable


Back in the early 2000’s Sun Pacific introduced the Cuties® brand
California Clementine from our ranches in the San Joaquin Valley. Already
being a Citrus grower since 1969, we understood the fine art of growing
excellent quality fruit. Our farming expertise over the last decade led us
to plant many acres of these delicious seedless gems. Our orchards still
today contain the finest quality Navels, Valencias and Minneola Tangelo and
today we also move over 20 million boxes of Cuties® California Clementines
a year!

A “Cuties® standard” exists within our extensive operation to ensure
that superior quality goes into each and every box we pack. Each piece of
fruit goes through a rigorous inspection to ensure a good eating quality,
high sugar levels and minimal seed


Clementines - Cuties - Small Oranges


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** All About Clementines **

By Molly Watson, Guide

All About Clementines
" All About Clementines "


Photo © Molly Watson

Clementines are small oranges that are seedless, easy to peel, and—when
well-grown and ripe—perfectly sweet to eat, too.

Like a good stinky Muenster cheese or properly made crêpe, clementines
used to be something I had to go to Europe to find. I first encountered
them when living in Paris, where their arrival at the market across the
street from my apartment was heralded with such high spirits and good cheer
that it warmed the air on that gray, bone-chilling December morning. Since
my parents did not raise a fool, I followed the example of the market
regulars and bought a kilo of them. I had never seen such small oranges,
but figured if everyone else was excited, I should at least try some. My
roommate's eyes lit up with glee when I walked through the door with the
small mass of gleaming orange treasures and I knew I'd made the right move.
I dumped the sunny orbs onto the dining table in the cramped living room.
We promptly sat down and ate the entire lot.

I pretty much repeat this ritual every winter when they and their
like-minded tiny orange brethren (satsumas, Ojai pixies, etc.) show up at
the markets in San Francisco. One day everyone comes home from work and
school and—Wham!—there is a big bowl of clementines in the center of
the dining room table. Their bright, sunny flavor and sweet, floral aroma
fill the house and the onset of gloomy, rainy


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