EDITORIAL: The cicadas are coming - Washington Times

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Source: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/4/the-cicadas-are-coming/

when are cicadas coming

The Cicadas Come to Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Every 17 Years


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Washington, DC


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** The Cicadas Come to Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Every 17 Years

By Rachel Cooper, About.com Guide

"The Cicadas Come to Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Every 17 Years"
© Don Farrall
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· cicadas
· insects

In the eastern half of the United States, periodical cicadas come up out of
the ground every 17 years when the ground warms up to 64°F. They are
expected to be seen here in the Washington, DC area in May of 2013. They
are large insects, about an inch and a half long, with black bodies, red
eyes and delicate wings. There are far too many to count. You see them
everywhere--on the sidewalk, on the trees, on the porch, on the street.

Cicadas of the same life cycle are known collectively as a single "brood".
There are 12 broods of 17-year cicadas. As a result, it is possible to find
cicadas in almost any year by traveling to the appropriate location. The
group expected in the capital region this spring, known as Brood 2, are the
offspring of cicadas last seen in 1996.

Usually in early to mid-May, the cicada nymphs crawl out of the ground,
onto trees and shed their skins. The males sing very loudly to attract
female mates. The females lay their eggs in the branches of trees. The
nymphs hatch and burrow several inches underground. The above ground cycle
lasts less than four weeks. Beginning in mid-June, the adults all die. Male
cicadas die soon after mating. Females

Source: dc.about.com/cs/weather/a/cicadas.htm

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