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** How to Tell if an Avocado Is Ripe **

Four Parts:Checking the AppearanceChecking the FirmnessChecking Beneath the
StemWhat to Do with a Cut, Unripe Avocado

A ripe avocado is has a smooth texture and a nutty taste, but an unripe
avocado is unappealing. Also, storing an unripe avocado that has already
been cut can be a hassle. To prevent the mistake, here are a few tricks you
can use to determine if an avocado is ripe before you cut it open.



Part 1 of 4: Checking the Appearance -

1. Tell if an Avocado Is Ripe Step 1Tell if an Avocado Is Ripe Step 1.jpg1
*Know your variety.* No two avocado varieties are the same. There will be
slight differences in size, color, and shape depending on the variety. The
appearance of a ripe avocado will vary based on the avocado you are

· Check with the grocer or seller if the avocado variety is not clearly
· Also note the firmness of a ripe avocado remains essentially the same
regardless of the specific variety.
· The differences between varieties, as well as the possible differences
between specific fruits within the same variety, cause appearance to be a
less-than-foolproof method of determining ripeness. Still, these signs are
helpful to

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