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North Steps of the Rotunda, with Z Society logo

The *Z Society* is a philanthropic organization that was founded at the
University of Virginia in 1892.^[1] It comprises outstanding student
leaders who give time, talent, and financial contributions to groups and
individuals that exemplify the spirit of the society and uphold the ideals
of the university. Additionally, the Z Society encourages and recognizes
excellence through a number of honorary dinners and academic awards.

The organization's membership chooses to remain anonymous because of the
belief that service, when provided anonymously, provides a unique
philanthropic opportunity. After graduation, members may opt to wear Z
Society rings.^[2] Selection for membership is considered a high honor at
the University.

The Z Society contributes significantly to the University through monetary
donations, recognition events, such as a First-Year Recognition Dinner,
service opportunities, encouragement letters, and major awards such as the
Edgar Shannon Award, presented to one student from each school during
graduation, as well as the Distinguished Faculty Award, presented to one
faculty member from the University every year.

Like the Seven Society and IMP Society, the Z Society is known to paint
their symbol around grounds.


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The Z Society was founded in 1892 in the wake of a series of disputes
between the Eli Banana society and the faculty and Board of Visitors of the
University. According to University historian Philip Alexander Bruce, the
society was formed to "skim the cream" from the Elis and T.I.L.K.A.; by his
estimation, some 90% of the membership of

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z_Society

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