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This article is about essential oil isolated from the leaves of the tea
tree, /Melaleuca alternifolia/. For the sweet seasoning oil pressed from
/Camellia/ seeds, /C. sinensis/ or /C. oleifera/, see tea seed oil.
Origin of this essential oil, the tea tree, /Melaleuca alternifolia/.

Tea tree oil composition,
as per ISO 4730 (2004)^[1]
Component Concentration
terpinen-4-ol 30–48%
γ-terpinene 10–28%
α-terpinene 5–13%
1,8-Cineole 0–15%
α-terpinolene 1.5–5%
α-terpineol 1.5–8%
α-pinene 1–6%
p-Cymene 0.5–8%

Tea tree plantation, Coraki.

*Tea tree oil* (TTO), or *melaleuca oil*, is an essential oil with a fresh
camphoraceous odor and a color that ranges from pale yellow to nearly
colorless and clear.^[2] It is taken from the leaves of the /Melaleuca
alternifolia/, which is native to Southeast Queensland and the Northeast
coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Tea tree oil is toxic when taken by mouth,^[3]^[4] but is widely used in
low concentrations in cosmetics and skin washes.^[1] Tea tree oil has been
claimed to be useful for treating a wide variety of medical conditions. It
shows some promise as an antimicrobial. Tea tree oil may be effective in a
variety of dermatologic conditions including dandruff, acne, lice, herpes,
and other skin infections.^[5]


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· 2 Composition and characteristics
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*History and extraction[edit]*

The name tea tree is used for several plants, mostly from Australia and New
Zealand, from the family Myrtaceae, related to the myrtle. The use of the
name probably originated from Captain Cook's description of one of these
shrubs, that he used

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