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Values of /R/
^[1] Units
(V P T ^−1 n^−1)
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48) J K^−1 mol^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48)×10^7 erg K^−1 mol^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48)×10^−3 amu
(km/s)^2 K^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48) L kPa K^−1 mol^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48)×10^3 cm^3 kPa K^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48) m^3 Pa K^−1 mol^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48) cm^3 MPa K^−1 mol^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48)×10^−5 m^3 bar K^−1 mol^−1
7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48)×10^−2 L bar K^−1 mol^−1
7001623635770000000♠62.363577(36) L Torr K^−1 mol^−1
7000198720360000000♠1.9872036(11) cal[th] K^−1 mol^−1
0.082057338(47) L atm K^−1 mol^−1
82.057338(47) cm^3  atm K^−1 mol^−1

The *gas constant* (also known as the *molar*, *universal*, or *ideal gas
constant*, denoted by the symbol /R/ or /R/) is a physical constant which
is featured in many fundamental equations in the physical sciences, such as
the ideal gas law and the Nernst equation.

It is equivalent to the Boltzmann constant, but expressed in units of
energy (i.e. the pressure-volume product) per temperature increment per
/mole/ (rather than energy per temperature increment per /particle/). The
constant is also a combination of the constants from Boyle's law, Charles's
law, Avogadro's law, and Gay-Lussac's law.

Physically, the gas constant is the constant of proportionality that
happens to relate the energy scale in physics to the temperature scale,
when a mole of particles at the stated temperature is being considered.
Thus, the value of the gas constant ultimately derives from historical
decisions and accidents in the setting of the energy and temperature
scales, plus similar historical setting of the value of the molar scale
used for the counting of particles. The last factor is not a consideration
in the value of the Boltzmann constant, which does a similar job of
equating linear energy and temperature scales.

The gas constant value is

7000831445980000000♠8.3144598(48) J mol^−1 K^−1^[1]

The two digits in parentheses are the uncertainty (standard deviation) in
the last two digits of

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_constant

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