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** How to Find the IP Address of Your PC **

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The IP address of your PC is unique, just as your phone number is unique.
Many organizations, including the authorities, can trace your IP address to
find out your host name, ISP location and the geographic area from which
you connect to the Internet.^[1] Follow the steps in this article to find
the IP address of your PC whether you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or
Windows XP. You'll also find instructions for finding your IP address on a

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-Method One: Command Prompt-

1. 1
*Access your Start Menu*.

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· 2
*Hover over "All Programs"*.

· 3
*Click on Accessories when the menu pops up*.

· 4
*Click on Command Prompt*.

· 5
*Type in "ipconfig" once the program comes up and hit the Enter key*.

· 6
*Search for your IP address next to IPv4*.

· *Note*: your IP address will consist of four decimal numbers, each
ranging from 0 to 255, separated by dots.

-Method Two: Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center-

1. 1
*Access the Control Panel through the Start menu*.

2. 2
*In the Control Panel, select Network and Internet*.

3. 3
*In Network and Internet, select Network and Sharing Center*.

4. 4
*In Network and Sharing Center, select Wireless Network Connection


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