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** Registering your sight loss **

On this page:

· About registration
· How to get registered
· Getting help before you register
· More information

* About registration *

Registering with your local council can make it easier to get practical
support from your social services department. It can also be a 'passport'
to getting concessions and benefits, such as travel, parking and TV licence

For example, as well as helping you get support with doing everyday tasks,
becoming registered as blind or partially sighted entitles you to travel
and other concessions such as the Disabled Person's Railcard and local
travel schemes, as well as free NHS sight tests and free postage on some
items. If you are registered as severely sight impaired/blind, you are also
entitled to a tax allowance worth £2,160 in 2013-14, parking concessions
and a reduction on your TV licence fee. Being registered also includes not
having to pay the VAT on applicable products, including those sold through
RNIB's Online Shop.

Registration is voluntary but it can help you get the support you need.
Find out more about the benefits of registration.

* How to get registered *

If you are


Legally Blind - What Is Legally Blind


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** What does it mean to be legally blind? **

By Troy Bedinghaus, O.D.

Updated May 02, 2011

Reviewed by a board-certified health professional. See's Medical
Review Board.

*Question: *What does it mean to be legally blind?
*Answer: *A person is considered to be legally blind if he or she has a
best corrected vision of 20/200 in their best seeing eye.

Many people feel that they are legally blind because when they remove their
glasses or contact lenses, they cannot see a foot in front of their face.
However, when they put on their vision correction, they can see 20/20. As
long as you can be corrected to 20/20 with some visual aid, you are not
considered legally blind.

The true definition of "legal blindness" is based upon the best level of
vision that you can achieve or the best vision you can be corrected to.
Most government agencies and health care institutions agree that legal
blindness is defined as one of the following:

1. /Legal blindness is defined as visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in the
best seeing eye./
2. /A visual field that is limited to only 20 degrees./

-What does "legally blind" really mean?-

Being legally blind means that your best seeing eye cannot be corrected
with glasses or contact lenses any better than 20/200. The best way to
understand this is to think about a normal person with 20/20 vision. This
person has the ability to stand 200 feet away from an object and see the
finest detail, whereas the legally


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