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/The homophone/ hooka /can refer to surface-supplied underwater

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An Egyptian hookah (shisha)

A *hookah' /(/hukkā /or/ huqqah/^[1]^[2]),(/'هوكة*) , also
known as a *waterpipe*,^[3]*narghile*, *arghila*, or *qalyān*, or
*Shisha* which is the Egyptian Hookah. It is a single- or multi-stemmed
instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco called shisha in
which the vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin (often
glass-based) before inhalation. Depending on the placement of the coal
above the shisha, a hookah can be used to produce smoke by burning the
shisha or used to create water vapor by melting it at a lower
temperature.^[4] When a waterpipe is used to produce smoke (as is common in
the Arab States of the Persian Gulf), it is usually referred to as a
hookah, which means "jar" in Arabic. When the same device is used to
vaporize shisha (as is common in India and the Levant), it is usually
referred to as a nargile, which means "gourd" in Sanskrit. The vapor from a
nargile looks similar enough to the smoke from a hookah as to cause both
users and medical professionals to often confuse the two. The origin of the
waterpipe is around the area which includes India,^[5]^[6]^[7]^[8] and
Persia,^[7]^[9]^[10]^[11] or at a transition point

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hookah

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