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what is h and p in medical terms

List of medical abbreviations: P - Wikipedia


** List of medical abbreviations: P **

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Medical abbreviations

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Sortable table
Abbreviation Meaning
p after (from Latin /post/)
[letter p with a bar over it]
P parturition (total number of live births)
P[OSM] plasma osmolality
PA posterior–anterior, posteroanterior
pulmonary artery
physician assistant
psoriatic arthritis
primary aldosteronism
P&A percussion and auscultation
phenol and alcohol matrixectomy
PAC premature atrial contraction
pulmonary artery catheter, pulmonary artery catheterisation
PACU Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
PAD peripheral artery disease (aka peripheral artery occlusive disease)
postadmission day (e.g. PAD 6 equals the sixth day of being in hospital)
peripheral airspace disease Passively Acquired anti-D
PAF platelet activating factor
paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (meaning intermittent AF)
PAH pulmonary arterial hypertension
phenylalanine hydroxylase
PAI-1 plasminogen activator inhibitor 1
PAL posterior axillary line
PALS Pediatric Advanced Life Support (training program)
PAN polyarteritis nodosa
PAO peak acid output
PAOD peripheral artery occlusive disease
PAP Papanicolaou stain
positive airway pressure
pulmonary artery pressure (see pulmonary hypertension)
pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
Pap Papanicolaou test (pap smear)
PAPP-A pregnancy-associated plasma protein A
PARA I indicating a woman with one child (partus = birth)
PARA II indicating a woman with two children (partus = birth)
PAT paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
PBC primary biliary cirrhosis
PBX probiotics
PBF peripheral blood film
p.c. after food (from Latin /post cibum/)


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