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** Healthy eating **

Person looking at fruit

Eating the right things should be easy, but also fun. Let us guide you
through the maze of food choices to ensure you have a healthy diet.


-Healthy eating overview-

If you're confused about how to get your five portions of fruit and veg a
day, or would just like a few pointers on how much to eat of what, we can
Boost your diet
Man with a bunch of grapes

*Cheap eats*

Eating on a budget can seem like a challenge, but how about eating for
free? Celebrity chef Richard Fox speaks to Susie Lack about making tasty
food, even when your fridge seems bare

Listen Now

More travel & lifestyle radio features

Cheap eats

preparing vegetables

Source: www.ageuk.org.uk/health-wellbeing/healthy-eating-landing/

what is depression

Depression (mood) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Depression (mood) **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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"Dejection" and "despair" redirect here. For the poem, see Dejection: An
Ode. For other uses of despair, see despair (disambiguation).
/Melencolia I/ (ca. 1514), by Albrecht Dürer

*Depression* is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can
affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being.^[1]
Depressed people may feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, helpless,
worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt, or restless. They may lose interest in
activities that once were pleasurable, experience loss of appetite or
overeating, have problems concentrating, remembering details, or making
decisions, and may contemplate or attempt suicide. Insomnia, excessive
sleeping, fatigue, loss of energy, or aches, pains, or digestive problems
that are resistant to treatment may also be present.^[2]

Depressed mood is not necessarily a psychiatric disorder. It may be a
normal reaction to certain life events, a symptom of some medical
conditions, or a side effect of some drugs or medical treatments. Depressed
mood is also a primary or associated feature of certain psychiatric
syndromes such as clinical depression.


· 1 Causes

· 1.1 Life events
· 1.2 Medical treatments
· 1.3 Non-psychiatric illnesses
· 1.4 Psychiatric syndromes

· 2 Treatment
· 3 References
· 4 Further Reading
· 5 External links


-Life events[edit]-

Life events and changes that may precipitate depressed mood include
childbirth, menopause, financial difficulties, job problems, loss of a
loved one/family member or friend, marriage, natural disasters such as
earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. relationship troubles, separation,
bereavement and catastrophic injury.^[3]^[4]

-Medical treatments[edit]-

Certain medications are known to cause depressed mood in a significant
number of patients. These include hepatitis C drug therapy and some drugs

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depression_(mood)

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