What Is CISPA?


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** What Is CISPA? **

Sam Biddle PFollowOUnfollow 4/26/12 12:00pm 4/26/12 12:00pm
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Remember SOPA and PIPA, the terrible "anti-piracy" bills the internet raged
into nonexistence? There's a new one, and it's maybe worse: the Cyber
Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. CISPA. Here's everything you need
to know about the worst privacy disaster our country has ever faced.

*CISPA is a proposed national "cyber security law" bouncing around

The /intent/ of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act,
introduced by U.S. Representative Michael Rogers (R-MI), is to protect
America's internet interests (both governmental and our precious YouTubes)
against attacks. It's technically an amendment to the National Security Act
of 1947, but would have sweeping 21st century consequences. Rogers cites
China as a main threat—conventional wisdom does say they're constantly
trying to breach American networks, along with Russia and Iran—but

Source: gizmodo.com/5905360/what-is-cispa

what is cispa

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act - Wikipedia, the free


** Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act **

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"CISPA" redirects here. For other uses, see Cayman Islands Society of
Professional Accountants.

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
Great Seal of the United States.
Long title To provide for the sharing of certain cyber threat intelligence
and cyber threat information between the intelligence community and
cybersecurity entities, and for other purposes.
Colloquial acronym(s) CISPA
Legislative history
· *Introduced in the House as* H.R. 3523 *by* Mike Rogers (R-MI) *on*
November 30, 2011
· *Passed the House* on April 26, 2012 (248–168) (failed to become
law when it did not pass the Senate in the same session)
· *Reintroduced in the* House *as* H.R. 624 *by* Mike Rogers (R-MI) *on*
February 12, 2013
· *Passed the House* on April 18, 2013 (288–127)
· *Received in the Senate* on April 22, 2013
· *Committee consideration by:* House Select Committee on Intelligence,
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

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The *Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act* (*CISPA* H.R. 3523
(112th Congress), H.R. 624 (113th Congress)) is a proposed law in the
United States which would allow for the sharing of Internet traffic
information between the U.S. government and technology and manufacturing
companies. The stated aim of the bill is to help the U.S government
investigate cyber threats and ensure the security of networks against

The legislation was introduced on November 30, 2011 by Representative
Michael Rogers (R-MI) and 111 co-sponsors.^[2]^[3] It was passed in the
House of Representatives on April 26, 2012, but was not passed by the U.S.
Senate.^[4] President Barack Obama's advisers have argued that the

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyber_Intelligence_Sharing_and_Protection_Act

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