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An array of bonded leather swatches, in various colors and patterns.

*Bonded leather* or *reconstituted leather* is a term used for partially
synthetic leather. It is a synthetic material made of varying types of
plastic (generally polyurethane or vinyl) that may be spread over ground-up
leather and other substances, mechanically processed to give the appearance
of leather, but at reduced cost and with less wastage compared to natural
leather.^[1] Bonded leather can be found in furniture, bookbinding, and
various fashion accessories. Examples of products that are most commonly
constructed with different varieties of "bonded leather" are: books,
diaries, art books, desk accessories, bags, belts, chairs, and sofas.

The actual leather content of bonded leather varies depending on the
manufacturer and the quality level they are selling. In the home
furnishings industry there is much debate and controversy over the ethics
of using the term "bonded leather" to describe a vinyl upholstery product.
The Leather Research Laboratory has said that calling this product "bonded
leather" is "deceptive because it does not represent its true nature. It's
a vinyl, or a polyurethane laminate or a composite, but it's not

The type of bonded leather being used on upholstered furniture today is a
plastic material (generally polyurethane or vinyl), backed with fabric with
a layer of latex or other material mixed with a small percentage of leather
fibers in the product's backing material. The plastic surface is stamped to
give it a leather-like texture.The surface the consumer sees and feels
contains no leather. A more fragile paper-backed bonded leather is used to
cover books and desk accessories. These bonded leathers may contain a
smaller proportion of leather than


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