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*Airplane mode* is a setting available on many mobile phones, smartphones
and other electronic devices that, when activated, suspends many of the
device's signal transmitting functions, thereby disabling the device's
capacity to place or receive calls or use text messaging – while still
permitting use of other functions that do not require signal transmission
(e.g., games, built-in camera, MP3 player).

Nokia 5800 in offline mode

The name is derived from the fact that it permits the user to operate the
device while on board a commercial aircraft while in flight, where the
operation of cell phones and other devices that send or receive signals is
generally prohibited due to the potential impact on aircraft avionics and
the potential for interference with ground cell networks. Other names
include *flight mode*, *aeroplane mode*, *offline mode*, and *standalone

FM Receiver, Bluetooth, wireless LAN antenna and GPS should still be
operative if the phone is so equipped. Many models disable GPS and some of
the other features, but this is inconsistent among manufacturers, since
these latter functions are permitted on some aircraft and not others.
Nevertheless, certain airlines specifically prohibit even the use of
devices with a 'Flight mode' at all times.

While in airplane mode some devices allow the user to continue to write
text or E-mail messages, and will save it to phone memory to send later
when an active network connection is achieved.

Although it is not possible to send calls or text in Airplane mode, devices
such as some Nokia smartphones allow the user to make an emergency call
regardless of the fact that the phone is in Airplane mode, whilst other
mobile devices such as earlier


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