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** Readers Respond: What's Better: AAC vs. MP3 **

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By Sam Costello, About.com Guide

Weigh In
From the article: AAC vs. MP3, an iTunes Sound Quality Test

The question of whether to use MP3 or AAC as an encoding format for music
stirs strong passions on both sides of the debate. It's time to weigh in.
Let us know which codec you prefer for your music and why. But remember, be

Weigh In

*The difference is hardly noticeable.*

In fact, there is hardly any difference between the two unless the
bit rate goes down to 192 kbps or lower. I'd use WAV, the audio format used
on CDs. The WAV format is completely lossless.
* —Guest Guest1

*AAC, with minute differences*

According to Wikipedia @
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding, AAC was supposed to be
the successor of MP3. It achieves better quality with a similar bit rate.
However, if the quality is already 320 kbps, then it's hard to tell the
difference. My challenge: try a sound test. Encode the same audio twice,
once in MP3 and once in AAC. Play each one and see if you can tell the
difference. If you don't want to lose ANY quality, try WAV, FLAC, or PCM
format. (That's what I use.)
* —Guest Guest

*excellent easy to follow instruction*

Just a simple thank you. I had an AAC audio and your article helped
me to convert to MP3. Thank you.
* —Guest eddie

*Both are pretty good*

I use mostly V0

Source: ipod.about.com/u/ua/advanceditunesuse/acc-mp3-better.htm

what is aac encoder

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