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** Simple Physics and AABB Collisions **

Posted Monday, 18 May, 2009 - 13:02 by docflabby in

· Tutorials and examples

Please note its come to my attention the collision response doesnt work
properly (everything else is good though)

This is a repost from my forums, that I thought you guys here might be
interested in as it covers basic physics and uses OpenTK for the graphics!

Having tried out a number of physics engines for Subspace2 none of them
quite meet the performance demands I require. The biggest issue is that
many of the engines support alot of features that I'm not interested in at
the moment such as collisions with rotating objects. I want a much more
simpler system (arcade style). Unfortunately this whole area I'm woefully
lacking knowledge in in.

Fortunately after ALOT of research I found a tutorial that started to make some sence to
me. and from the knowledge i've learnt in the tutorial i have begun to
build my own engine based on the work of many others. I still have plans to
use other physics engines for other game modes.

The subspace world only contains AABB (squares or rectangles) collision

Collision handling and physics are usually done separately. In my engine I
move all the objects first using numerical integration and process the
collisions afterwards by looking for intersecting objects (this is a pretty
standard way of doing things). So there are 2 district phases. That are
repeated around 60times/second

while (GameLoop)

1. Physics

As objects


what is aabb physics

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