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I use the software to automate software testing. Product works great once
you learn it, and the Support team provides great service in a timely
manner. Keep up the good work!
- Damian Stojovic


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** Quality assurance **

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"Quality engineering" redirects here. For the journal, see Quality
Engineering (journal).

This article *may be too technical for most readers to understand*. Please
help improve this article to make it understandable to non-experts, without
removing the technical details. The talk page may contain suggestions.
/(August 2013)/

*Quality assurance* (*QA*) refers to administrative and procedural
activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements and goals
for a product, service or activity will be fulfilled.^[1] It is the
systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes
and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention.^[2] This can
be contrasted with quality control, which is focused on process outputs.

Two principles included in QA are: "Fit for purpose", the product should be
suitable for the intended purpose; and "Right first time", mistakes should
be eliminated. QA includes management of the quality of raw materials,
assemblies, products and components, services related to production, and
management, production and inspection processes.^[/citation needed/]

Suitable quality is determined by product users, clients or customers, not
by society in general. It is not related to cost, and adjectives or
descriptors such as "high" and "poor" are not applicable. For example, a
low priced product may be viewed as having high quality because it is
disposable, where another may be viewed as having poor quality because it
is not disposable.^[/citation needed/]


· 1 History

· 1.1 Initial efforts to control the quality of production
· 1.2 Wartime production
· 1.3 Postwar

· 2 Failure testing
· 3 Statistical control
· 4 Total quality management
· 5 QA in software development
· 6 Models and standards
· 7 Company quality

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_assurance

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