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Mysql-screenshot.PNGScreenshot of the default MySQL command-line banner and
Original author(s) MySQL AB
Developer(s) Oracle Corporation
Initial release 23 May 1995; 20 years ago (1995-05-23)
Stable release 5.6.27^[1] / 30 September 2015; 12 days ago (2015-09-30)
Preview release 5.7.8^[2] / 3 August 2015; 2 months ago (2015-08-03)
Development status Active
Written in C, C++^[3]
Operating system Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X, FreeBSD^[4]
Available in English
License GPL (version 2) or proprietary^[5]
Website www.mysql.com

*MySQL* (officially pronounced as /maɪ ˌɛskjuːˈɛl/ "My
S-Q-L",^[6] and unofficially as /maɪ ˈsiːkwəl/ "My Sequel") is
an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS);^[7] in July
2013, it was the world's second most^[a] widely used RDBMS, and the most
widely used open-source client–server model RDBMS.^[10] It is named
after co-founder Michael Widenius's daughter, My.^[11] The SQL acronym
stands for Structured Query Language. The MySQL development project has
made its source code available under the terms of the GNU General Public
License, as well as under a variety of proprietary agreements. MySQL was
owned and sponsored by a single for-profit firm, the Swedish company MySQL
AB, now owned by Oracle Corporation.^[12] For proprietary use, several paid
editions are available, and offer additional functionality.

MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications, and is a
central component of the widely used LAMP open source web application
software stack (and other "AMP" stacks). LAMP is an acronym for "Linux,
Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python." Free-software-open source projects that
require a full-featured database management system often use MySQL.
Applications that use the MySQL database include: TYPO3, MODx, Joomla,
WordPress, phpBB, MyBB, Drupal and other software. MySQL is also used

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MySQL

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