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** Are Your SAT Scores Good Enough? **

By Allen Grove, Guide

*Question: *Are Your SAT Scores Good Enough?
What are good SAT scores? Do you have the SAT scores you need to get into
your top choice schools? This article explains the relationship between
college admissions and SAT scores. You can also check out these SAT links
(or ACT links):

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*Answer: *SAT scores are just one of many criteria used by colleges to make
admissions decisions. Nevertheless, their importance shouldn’t be
underestimated. As much as admissions officers say they take an open-minded
and holistic approach to their decisions, SAT scores can make or break an
application. And let’s face it -- it’s easier to compare numerical data
than it is to decide whether a semester in France should be ranked higher
than a state soccer championship.

Also, schools usually make their SAT data public, and they know that their
reputations depend upon high numbers. A college won’t be considered
“highly selective”


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