What are footnotes and endnotes and how do you do them? - Yahoo! Answers


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** What are footnotes and endnotes and how do you do them? **

I am writing a paper for the first time with them in it

Source: answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070828160844AAxNgID

what are footnotes

Help:Footnotes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


** Help:Footnotes **

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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For the official guideline on citing sources, see Wikipedia:Citing sources.

Crystal package settings.png This page is a *how-to guide* detailing a
practice or process on the English Wikipedia.

This page explains how to create *Footnotes* in articles. In this context,
Footnotes are a Wikipedia specific manner of including sources and should
not be confused with the general concept of footnotes. This how-to does not
cover the formatting of citations.

Footnotes are used most commonly to provide references (bibliographic
citations) to reliable sources in articles, explanatory information, and
source information for tables and other elements. The use of Footnotes is
not required by any policy or guideline, and other systems of inline
citation, including Shortened footnotes and Parenthetical referencing, may
be used at the editors' discretion in accordance with the guideline on
variation in citation methods.

Only certain types of material on the English Wikipedia are required to
have an inline citation to a reliable source. There is no requirement to
provide a citation for every sentence, because multiple sentences may be
supported by the same footnote. For advice on which material should be
cited, see the guidelines on when you must use inline citations, the good
article criteria and when to cite. For advice on how to organize and format
bibliographic citations to reliable sources, see the guideline on citing
sources and examples of citation templates.

Footnotes are created using the Cite.php software extension. This extension
adds the HTML-like elements ..., and
.... The elements are also used in a number of
templates; for example, it is becoming more common to use {{reflist}}
rather than as it can style the

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Footnotes

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